A&R Driving and Traffic School first opens its doors for business in 2002 in the city of Garden Grove at 7077 Orangewood Avenue as A&R Driving School.  In 2005 we moved our location to12525 Knott Street to better serve the community. We are still here in the same area at 12881 Knott st. ste: 235 serving the Garden Grove and surrounding communities.

Our mission:   1. Give our clients the knowledge and skill to obtain a drivers license.

                          2. Teach the defensive driving skills needed to maintain safe driving practices.

                          3. Give new drivers a sound base to begin their driving future.

                          4. Help with the renewal or reissue of a drivers license.  

                          5. Provide a informative, interesting  and fun traffic school course.

     We provide training in the safe operation of a motor vehicle for all eligible clients. With 30 years of teaching,    our technique is simple, effective and proven. Our teen course includes the DMV required 30 hour online Drivers Education and the minimum 6 hour Behind-the-Wheel course. Teens may take extra sessions if needed.  The adult course is tailored to our clients needs. We offer basic courses of 10 to 14 hours for the beginning driver and advance through to receiving their drivers license. We offer freeway lessons, defensive driving and a brush-up course for our senior citizen drivers. We offer a behind the wheel Insurance reduction program. And soon we will offer driver training for those with physical challenges in a vehicle equipped with adaptive equipment.


For the safety of our clients and staff we are following the COVID-19 protocols. the vehicle is disinfected between clients and face covering must be worn while in the vehicle.   

A&R DRIVING and TRAFFIC SCHOOL drivers ed online